Nov. 15, 2018

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(RICHMOND, Va.) – The 2018 Governor’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Award winners were announced at the 39thAnnual Governor’s EMS Awards Ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia. These awards, given in Governor Ralph Northam’s name, recognize outstanding EMS providers and organizations from across the Commonwealth for their demonstrated level of excellence and dedication to the EMS system.

Presented in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Emergency Medical Services’ Annual EMS Symposium, the awards ceremony caps off the weeklong training event. The largest EMS training event in the Commonwealth and one of the largest in the nation, this year’s symposium welcomed more than 1,600 participants. The symposium offers each participant the opportunity to earn up to 26 hours of continuing education credits for recertification as an EMS provider, via more than 360 class sessions.

“I am always so honored and astounded by the hard work and dedication that Virginia’s EMS providers demonstrate, and it’s during this special event that we can recognize all of their efforts and contributions to our EMS System,” said Gary Brown, director, Virginia Office of EMS. “It is because of every one of them that we can bring the best prehospital emergency care to all people in Virginia. I am so proud of their continued commitment and congratulate all nominees and winners of the 2018 Governor’s EMS Awards.”

The VDH Deputy Commissioner for Public Health and Preparedness Dr. Parham Jaberi, who also attended the Governor’s EMS Awards ceremony said, “We are thankful to all of our EMS professionals across the state who respond selflessly to the call of duty each and every day. The awards ceremony, however, offered the chance to give special recognition to a select group of individuals and agencies who demonstrated a particular achievement or contribution within their communities over the last year.”

The 2018 Governor’s EMS Award winners are:

Regional and Governor's Award Recipients 2003-2017


Excellence in EMS                                                                          Marcia Pescitani

Outstanding Pre-Hospital Provider                                               Matthew Heppner

Outstanding EMS Pre-Hospital Educator                                     Andrew Hopkins

Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior       Richard Peter Verrier IV

Nurse With Outstanding Contribution to EMS                             Johanna Kushan




Excellence in EMS                                                                          William Dwyer

Outstanding Pre-Hospital Provider                                               Valerie Kusterbeck

Outstanding EMS Pre-Hospital Educator                                     Penny Kelly

Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior      Hanna DeMeester

Outstanding EMS Administrator                                                   Kevin Stiles

Nurse With Outstanding Contribution to EMS                             TEAM: Katie Arnold and Lois Collins

Outstanding Contribution to EMS Emergency

Preparedness & Response                                                            EMS Division – Loudoun County Dept. of Fire & Rescue


With great pleasure, the Northern Virginia EMS Council announces the recipients of the 2018 Regional EMS Awards.  The award recipients were selected by their Northern Virginia peers for their performance in emergency medical services.  Congratulations to all nominees and award winners for being recognized for your continued contributions to Northern Virginia EMS!

Dr. John Morgan, Operational Medical Director for the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System receives the 2018 Northern Virginia Regional Award for Excellence in EMS. 

This award is bestowed upon an individual who exemplifies outstanding dedication to EMS across Northern Virginia and demonstrates a commitment to a comprehensive, integrated EMS system throughout the Commonwealth.  Dr. Morgan “is intimately involved with and dedicated to all aspects of EMS including training and delivery of services.  He can often be found at the training center assisting with a wide variety of classes ranging from basic EMT through paramedic and engages other physicians to do so as well, in order to strengthen the educational programs.  In addition, he is known to respond to scene calls and provide assistance as needed and is active in advancing the state of prehospital emergency care.  Based on his strong dedication to the community, to the career and volunteer providers, and his commitment to the improvement of the regional and statewide EMS systems”, Dr. Morgan is the recipient of the 2018 Northern Virginia Regional Award for Excellence in EMS.


Acknowledge the remarkable achievements and service of your fellow EMS providers and those who support the EMS system by nominating someone today for a Regional EMS Council Award! Click Here or use the pull-down menu under Awards!  Find out more about the regional and state award programs hereThe deadline for 2018 Regional EMS Excellence Awards ended May 18, 2018.  All nominations received after that date will be considered for the 2019 Regional EMS Excellence Awards.  

Submit a nomination in one of the following award categories:

  • Excellence in Emergency Medical Services
  • Outstanding Prehospital Educator
  • Outstanding EMS Agency
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS for Children
  • Outstanding Physician with Contribution to EMS
  • Outstanding EMS Administrator
  • Outstanding Prehospital Provider
  • Outstanding EMS Telecommunications Dispatcher
  • Outstanding Contribution to EMS Health and Safety
  • Outstanding Nurse with Contribution to EMS
  • Outstanding Contribution to Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Scholarship - Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior ($1,000 Regional Award - $5,000 State Award)

Winners of previous Regional Awards or OEMS Governor's Awards may not be nominated in the same category for 5 years.  

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