BLS Test Order Changes

The anticipated wait is over.  Students whose EMR or EMT course ends on or after August 28, 2018, can now test in any order.  No longer do they need to wait until they have passed their psychomotor examination to move forward with the cognitive examination.  Once marked passed in the CSDR and on your National Registry Program Director account, the student can take the cognitive and psychomotor examinations in any order.  The process defined in the attached document will allow your students to gain access to their cognitive examination Authorization to Test letter upon completion of your course and having been marked as passed with both Virginia and National Registry.  These changes will require us to modify the "last night paperwork" packet so please use this as a reference until that time.  Test Order Process


New Course Approval Request Form

A new course approval request (TR-01) form is now available.   This document is now asking that you list the cost to the student for your initial education offerings (EMS, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic).  That information will be used when the new scholarship program is released (more information will be provided in the near future on this). 

Additionally, we can no longer accept random information (ie., various, TBD, etc) for the location of courses.  Please provide information on the physical location of the course to include a valid facility address and zip code.  If you are using multiple locations (ie. same class/program but offered at various locations throughout a county for example), please provide the location that you consider to be the primary/main location for the specific program.  On the line labeled "Classroom Location" you can provide more information and listing "various locations in xxxx County", would be appropriate.

All course facilities are being assigned a "Facility Code" and that information will be made available on your course approval for future use.  This will allow us to move forward toward online course approval.  Please provide a reliable phone number to be shared for students seeking courses and also an "after-hours" number that is published only to OEMS staff.  Finally, there is no need to list "non-traditional", "Hybrid", etc., when announcing your courses.  All courses will be approved based on the initial education being offered.   


Online Enrollment Quick Guides and Documentation

The Quick Guides for accessing and completing the Virginia EMS Portal Online Enrollment module have been updated to reflect the new screenshots and instructions. Office staff strongly encourages all Education Coordinators to make use of the online course enrollment process.  The process is quick, easy and provides EC's instant access to their student enrollments.  Paper-based enrollment will still be available, however, paper-based enrollments will be phased out in the future.  

In addition, the Education Coordinator PowerPoint presentation for use during "first night paperwork" has been updated.  This presentation can be used by EC's to walk students through the online course enrollment process.  

The Quick Guides and presentation can be found on the OEMS website here: VDH Student Resources


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