Stroke Smart champions place Stroke Smart magnets and wallet cards in high traffic areas for people to take (get permission when required!). Consider placing display cases at store register counters, in office waiting rooms, at registration check in desks, on office lunchroom tables, etc. Order your free Stroke Smart magnets and wallet cards directly from the Virginia Department of Health by clicking the Department's logo below or click the following link here. If you only need one or two memory aids for personal use, click here to download a pdf file that will allow you to print an aid. Knowledge has a shelf life and fades over time. By placing a memory aid where you will regularly see it, you enhance the possibility that you will Stay Stroke Smart, recognizing the signs of a stroke and remembering to call 911 when you spot a stroke.  


The materials are funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control. To learn more about the CDC's Coverdell grant, click their logo here.



The magnets and wallet cards look like this.







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