Stroke Smart Alexandria--The FIRST in the Nation

Under the motivational leadership of Kwikpoint's Alan Stillman, then Mayor Allison Silberberg proclaimed Alexandria, Virginia a Stroke Smart City in 2017. Mayor Silberberg fully embraced the spirit of this endeavor, guiding the City through extensive educational initiatives. City buses were dressed in Stroke Smart visuals, training sessions were given to City police, health fairs distributed Stroke Smart magnets and wallet cards, the local paper ran a Stroke Smart story, and school children received Stroke Smart lessons. Alexandria's Del Ray business association members adopted the initiviate, displaying Stroke Smart magnets and wallet cards in thier shops. Driven by a desire to save lives, Mayor Silberberg's proclamation ceremony kicked off the impactful efforts. 


   Alexandria's Stroke Smart Bus Dispalys    











Heath Fair Display 



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