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Businesses are in a unique and powerful position to share the lifesaving Stroke Smart message with the public. By first learning the signs of a stroke and knowing to call 911 when those signs are spotted, business owners and employees create a safe stroke environment for their customers. A sizeable percentage of those who call 911 for stroke patients are coworkers! Stroke Smart businesses are therefore also a stroke safe place for customers and for employees.

The following businesses have adopted the Stroke Smart program, meaning that employees have been trained to recognize the signs of a stroke and know to immediately call 911 when they spot those signs. Further, Stroke Smart businesses display Stroke Smart posters where appropriate, and make available Stroke Smart magnets and wallet cards to aid memory retention. 

1) SCS Safety Health and Security Associates, LLC

2) OmniRide

3) Virginia Railway Express

4) Potomac Mills Mall (in progress)


jobsite safety inspection Virginia Railway Express (VRE)Omniride LogoTHE SHOPPING MALL MUSEUM: December 2010

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