Stroke Smart Retirement Communities

Emphasizing that the person suffering the stroke is likely not the person able to activate emergency medical personnel, Stroke Smart Retirement Communities aim to make each resident and staff member Stroke Smart by

1) displaying Stroke Smart materials in high visibility locations, with posters on bulletin boards and offerings of magnets and wallet cards at visitor check in locations, dining rooms, and information desks, for example

2) offering yearly Stroke Smart lectures, highlighting the symptoms and urging activation of their internal emergency procedures when at the community and 911 when outside

3) educating all new staff members and residents with their present significant others of the signs and symptoms of stroke upon admission

4) recruiting Stroke Smart champions who ensure each resident is Stroke Smart through personal one-on-one conversations

Stroke Smart efforts with retirement communities often begin by contacting the community's medical director and asking to offer a Stroke Smart presentation to the residents, who often greatly appreciate the information. Suggestions for action items when working to make a retirement community Stroke Smart are available document here (34 KB)


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